Anything is possible in cricket.. But what happened on sunday at sydney was very much dissapointing and spitting frank- it was a mockery of cricket. All the cricket playing nations must be having a close look on the develpments in australia and learn how to deal with the “UGLY BOSSES”.. Specially Asians..!

Imposing ban on Bhajji is no way acceptable. There is no justification on the entire judgement. Symonds has made it a point to make use of this racism principle wherever he tours. Last year when australia were touring India, symonds played the same game trick. Symonds feels himself inferior to an extent that he takes everything told by any opponent in the wrong sense. Everytime the wrong sense proportionates to a single key word which is by now world known nick name of Mr Andrew Symonds. 

Sledging is a hardest way to deal in cricket. The biggest distraction for any batsman would be the comments passed by the wicket keeper, slip fielder ball by ball.. Glichrist, hayden are no exceptions in it. Many of the sledging goes unnoticed.  

It is and remains my all time dream that Indian star Sachin must go on a aggressive knock against australia that should almost bring in a big change in the team.. Glorious Sharjah Matches still runs through my eyes and world knows that it still haunts the Australians.. 

Between who are the umpires in the match…?? Ponting was giving a decision in between… Ponting is thinking of extending his career in Umpiring, I guess! Again a poor umpiring by a Fresher.. Ponting does not have any prime facia to speak about integrity. He kept appealing for the Dhoni catch though he knew its not out… He supported Clarke for the catch that was taken. Agree, India cannot really withstand the australian team either in ground effort or mind effort… But this is not the way to play. Its not at all a GENTLEMEN GAME.. Ponting turned red for the questions shooted by Indian Media persons.. No doubt that he has breached the moral integrity. 

 Match looked like India were playing with 11 players and australia were playing with 13 players which includes 2 proclaimed umpires. During the Harbajan-symonds row, there is no chance that any other player would know what words would have been exchanged. Bajji would have used some word in Hindi or Punjabi. But how come symonds got to know the meanings of those words immediately and equates it to his NICK NAME and books for racial abuse???

Symonds is always a hell trouble to everyone. Harbajan too has many past records of bad on-field show. Yes, He was chucked out of the training academy for bad behaviour. It remains a black mark for him. But, that cannot be taken as a record for this decision. And to mark symonds “very decent” player by banning Bajji is just a non-sense. Both the players should have been issued with a ban. Again, Sachin who looked to be in the area around symonds and bajji has come out in open, that nothing was wrong in the part of Bajji. Why clarke and hayden alone were told to testify before the panel?

Umpires have misused their powers throughout the match. And an Umpire like Steve Bucknor, on whom every cricketer had a big respect all these days should have not even thought of doing like this.. There is always few wrong decisions in cricket but this is horrible. Umpires are vested with the ultimate power to decide. That should not be overrided. Else we can find FOURTH Umpires like ponting emerging…

 BCCI must not come back on the entire issue. Fight is a fight. Even Team India deserves justice. Infact it deserves more than what australians deserve. We have to restrain just like Pakistan did.  Yes, there are many issues that will be faced due to this but currently restraining from playing is the only option.

Umpire Mark Benson fails to give Ponting out, caught down leg side by Dhoni off Ganguly. Ponting’s score 17 (Oz: 45/2). Ponting made 55 … Benson rules Ponting lbw to Harbhajan when replays clearly showed he had got an inside edge on to his pads (side’s score 119/3)

Steve Bucknor rules Symonds not out despite the batsman getting a thick edge off Ishant. Symonds’s score 30 (Oz: 193/6). Symonds went on to make 162 not out ..

Third umpire Oxenford fails to read replays correctly, gives Symonds benefit of doubt. The batsman’s foot was off the ground when Dhoni stumped him..
Bucknor fails to refer a stumping appeal by Dhoni against Symonds off Kumble to the third umpire. Symonds’ score: 148 (side’s score 421/6)Umpire fails to spot Lee overstepping the crease while delivering the ball that clean bowled Jaffer. It should have been called a ‘no ball’ (side’s score: 8 for no loss)  Benson turns down R P Singh’ appeal for a caught behind against Hussey when the batsman was on 45 Replays show Hussey nicked the ball (side’s score 188/2)
Bucknor rules Dravid caught behind off Symonds when the ball had clearly gone off the batsman’s pad. Dravid was on 38 (side’s score 115/3)
Benson rules Ganguly out after consulting Ponting on the legitimacy of Clarke’s catch. Ganguly was on 51. The catch wasn’t taken cleanly (side’s score 137/6)


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