256kbps or Upto 256 kbps????

Broadband market in India has reached bigger heights.. The number of competitors are increasing every half year.  Have you ever noticed that your 256kbps broadband never behaves like a 256kbps line..  TRAI has come heavily on the ISP’s for providing the plan- ” upto 256 kbps ” to the customers..  This becomes a very general explanation and user never knows that his internet is slower and he is paying more.  Broadband is all about speed. We call it broadband because it faster. Else it would be a decent dial up connection. 

TRAI has recommended the government to legalize a fact-” Connections below 256kpbs should not be called as Broadband.” Sounds Nice???  TRAI qoutes- Out of 9.63 Million broadband connections provided as 256kpbs service, only 1.2 million customers really received the bandwidth above 256kpbs. Most of the customers use their mobile phones to access internet and introducing 3G mobiles in India at this juncture would be a great thing..

  But again, I am sorry to say that the broadcasting ministry act as a  mere puppet in the hands of Business tycoons who operate broadband services.. They dont want to initiate any decision for the well-being of people.  Our Indian Telecom companies are looking forward to be Global. Many have even earned good respects in many nations and markets are attracting them. This kind of customer negligence and undue usage of their official power cannot help our Business Magnets to show them as a trusted organisation in Global arena..

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