MindTree- Chennai…

Currently I am working from the MindTree facility in Chennai.. Let me be more specific. I am working from the facility in Mahindra City which is very near to Chengalpat(solid 40 kms from Chennai-T.Nagar).  I am happy about being in Chennai but sad about working from a remote facility.  Mind you, technically speaking this not a remote facilty. We have everything here.  Its the mind that makes me think remote.. And the best move that occurred after joining at Chennai office was in my project. I am going to work on Hardware Engineering. Something that I loved to do.  

This office is simply cool… Infy is coming up with a campus that would be, in next 4-5 years, the biggest working facility in ASIA.  Works are in progress for that.  Wipro and BMW are the other biggies who are looking for wide expansions at Mahindra World City.  I feel this campus would be a city outside a city in next 10 years. 

Coming to MindTree facility.. Nothing is different. Its just like the Bangalore facility. “HOME AWAY FROM HOME”.. I come to office by train.

  Life has not changed a lot in a year. I used to catch the same train to reach my college for 3 years.. I always watch the Potheri station (where we used to get down for college).  There were days we used to bunk classes and sit in the station.. Occassions when we used to write assignments sitting there… Its a very peaceful station providing the best atmosphere to sit and chat with friends and girls if needed!!!

Not going more into college I would continue with the subject of the thread.  The only point that needs to the thought about a IT company in Chennai is that it attracts locals more than anyone.  Chennaites prefer to work in chennai.  This becomes a big problem for the management to decide the policies for accordingly.  Let me not go more deeper into it. I would relate this with a kind of Groupism that happens.

 Ultimately, its a fine feeling at chennai. I dont mind working late hours.

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