Friday-Friday; Movie!!

To be frank, I am just a “so called engineer”. Yesterday I was lying on the bed and suddenly thought about my college days and just had a great time thinking of it. The first thing I can think about my college days is cutting classes every Friday. It’s simply because new movies are released on Fridays. Going back to college days, I can recollect some 40 movies seen on first day (Fridays). Vijay movies are the most popular ones among my friends and I have seen almost all Vijay movies released during 2003-2007; mind you- First day First Show or the noon show. Yes, few after some days due to exams and other commitments. On the other side I have seen movies which most people would never have heard before.

The wonderful season of “Friday-only movies” started with a movie named “NEW”- S.J Surya and Simran!! . There was no big planning activity for this movie. On that Friday morning we (friends and me) went into the classroom and saw a set of people discussing about this movie. Just as discussion was going on a few of them took their bags and left the class room. The classes were about to start and my friends were yet to decide. Few were not convinced for “CUTTING” as this was the first time. Many of them left for the morning show. It was the first cutting for me too. Another friend of mine and I decided to stay back in the class and move for the movie in the afternoon. We crept out in the afternoon and reached –“VETTRI, Chrompet”-non a/c (now its a/c). We saw a bulk of my friends coming out of the theatre. They were simply shouting- “machan— Sema padam da.. sema scene…” I understood what they intended to mean by “Scene”… We went into the crowd, managed to buy some tickets and reached the theatre.. I could think of the theatre scene in the movie-“Mannan”. There are no numbering systems inside the hall and we have to take places of our choice. The movie was equally interesting from a college guy point of view!! The movie hit the news papers when it was released. As the movie got over I moved to home. I was feared of being questioned. Who knows! My Class in charge might have called up home! I just entered home with a confident feel as if I was tired with the classroom work. Had a nice cup of coffee!

Once we realized that cutting college classes does not really land us in trouble, we took up our thumb rule of cutting colleges as a group every Fridays. There had been Fridays without any movie release and in these occasions our existence in the class was again doubtful. I remember occasions of being warned for low attendance in individual subjects. But we knew that these were just lecturers own stories and Individual attendance has nothing to do with semester exams. To name movies visited on the first day of release are- New, Madura, Kutthu, Sukran, Thirupachi, Kicha Vaysu 16, Manmadan, Englishkaran, maha nadigan, adithadi, perazhagan and the list goes on with movies as I would get into potential troubles..

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