Back to College

Its been a long time writing a blog… Things went upside down in the month of July and I ended up as a nomad in the USA after being a working engineer in India…

I got an admit from the University of Arkansas for Masters with a great amount of funding in early July.  Initially I was reluctant to accept the offer for multiple reasons.  But my friends who are well known for “usupethifying” suggested me to accept it.  Went through a great thought process(which I feel was not at all needed) and ended up accepting the offer.  I saw an “emotionality factor” in me for the first time since, I came to know of myself.. I was 100% satisfied with my job and did not find a single reason to quit it.  I got what all I needed from a job. Really wonderful.. and in this case why the hell should I stop telling it just a “job”. Let me tell you, I was working in MindTree, one among the best places to work in India. Personally, it was a tough decision for me because I have always valued Mindtree and its leadership team.  First time in my life, I did not know whether I should cry for quiting this wonderful orgainization or I should smile for getting an admit in a US state university.. Eventually,I ended up doing both.. 

So the pressure started to build with just 3 weeks left for classes to start.  Receiving the I-20, Visa, travel arrangements, Shopping, initial stay in the College environment, catching up with new friends in the US and the list goes on..  I thought I would not be able to cover up all the needed before travelling and my focus was just to be in US atleast 3-4 days before college starts.. So I went out with drafting a PLAN.  This was my biggest learning in 3 weeks where I was in a kind of SOLID PRESSURE.  “90% Planning and 10% execution”.

As I started with the process I planned few deadlines and am still wondering on how I did things as I planned inspite of being in office for nothing less than 12 hrs a day and till the end of the July month.  As I mentioned, my friends are not just “Usupethifying” guys but too good in helping.  Most of my ground work for Visa and travel was outsourced to my friends.  

Things went perfectly as planned and in my case even a day delay in aything would result in my travel getting delayed and so would be late for the College..  But one thing I personally felt bad was not getting in touch with many many friends of mine and telling them about my study plans ahead..  I even ended up missing few of my close cousins and relatives.  It would have been a big shocker for them when I told that “I am leaving abroad tonight and will be studying there.”  I always have a great value for some people I meet in life and never hold my things secret to them..  But now I feel that there was nothing I can say about valuing people as I could not spare sometime for them in the self called- PLAN.. I lose the credit ethically. 

I am still mailing dear ones and trying to get them back to the swing.   Technically I could not have done it back from home but morally I should have..  Should is an optimistic approach.  I feel in the end of the day that its our moral values that makes us to live than our technical values.

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