First Week in America..

Just as this saturday started, I finished my first week in this small university town(Fayetteville) in USA.  In this one week I spent most of the time walking.  Walking to college, friends home and other places..  There are a lot  and lots of cars here(Infact there are more cars than the total number of people).  They dominate the roads..

From India, I like to stand in the roadside and watch all cars that pass by.  I really love doing this.  I am following the same here.  I just go to a nearby signal often and stand there for sometime and watch cars that pass by..  The entire view in my opinion is really superb.  Here in cities, cars run at an average speed of 40 to 50 miles per hour(around 65-70 km/hr).  I like the way they move on the roads. (most of the times there are good amount of nice girls inside cars and this gives some credit for standing on the road).   This is some fun for a bachelor who go around places..  And for people, they are really caring and respectful.  They are not always formal but look to be so.  This is something I have seen in few of my new friends here.

Days are very long here.  Its almost 8pm when sun sets.  I am totally new to this kind of environment.  I even managed to go to a Bowling club here.  This was a cool place.  I personally don’t have a great attraction towards such clubs/indoor games.  I never visited the bowling club in Chennai. 

There are other things like living in woodhouses and self cooking that I need to learn.  I am staying with few room mates and they cook well!! thts enuf.. And for the cooking, I am right now into “Vessels Washing department” in my home.  I will learn from them slowly(atleast pretend to).  My cousin who recently came to New jeresy, told me that he too is doing the same job in this home.  I even understood the order of promotion in homes.(bachelor rooms in USA).. Dish Washer->vegetable cutter->cooking trainee->TEST->Cooking person.. I will become a perfect cook in 6-7 months probably..

End of the day, Its fun here.. Its a place to enjoy life but there is one another place where life is even more enjoyable- what else–“Sorgame endralum adhu namma oora pola varuma??”.. [Even the heavens may not look better than our native..”.

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