Delhi blasts….

Terrorism is nothing new for us.. Infact we have learnt to be friendly with it.  Delhi was the recent target followed by Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.. The cycle goes back to Delhi once again..  It’s totally impossible to understand where things are going wrong with the security officials, Intelligence and government.  These delhi blasts too will wash away as the time goes on..Two or three people will be arrested from different cities and some weapons will be seized and nothing would happen more.  We would hardly know that there is another “Dawood Ibrahim” who is functioning under the world and by the time we are confirmed of this, he would be in Pakistan or some other nation. 

These self claimed “terrorist” are blowing bombs like diwali crackers.  In most of the cases these terrorists are our neighboors.  RDX, Integrated circuit, timers and chemicals, steel balls… These guys should be having an engineering college on their own..  The kind of bombs are basically easy to make and hence these terrorists are making a great use of it.  Lets leave these known issues..

Government is the biggest culprit for these terrorism.  There can be only 2 approaches here.. Either bounce back or show a white flag and make peace talks.. Showing a white flag would show our weakness and I personally don’t like this approach.  However if things are so bad there is no other option.  Terrorism has to be curbed in the begining. 

On Sept 11, 2001, US saw the face of terrorism and bounced back destroying a biggest network.  Yes, again the key person- Bin Laden is still under cover.  But the act of US post 9/11 would surely make any emerging terrorist to think before action.  US is more of safe for the past 7 years.  There are so many countries who have realized the need to curb terrorism after experiencing it.  But we Indians have always been experiencing.  This shows nothing but Laziness.  We are not underground afraid but we are lazy. 

I don’t see any point telling- Don’t see what country does for us; see what you do for the country..  I am completely against this point for that matter whoever said it.  As a citizen we pay taxes, take care of our family, participate in the society and work apart from this.  I had few of my school friends who wanted to get into Army, navy and airforce.  They had the guts to do it and yes, today they are in it.   Few (me too), did not have that kind of guts but still are helping our nation in some form.  It is the duty of the administration to take care of the nation and perform their “role”.  Police, army, intelligence, counter terrorist teams across all cities… Perfect administration needs perfect government and now we are back blaming our leaders for everything.  And again we vote the government so we blame each other for it.  The government and the administration is to be blammed for everything.  They keep enjoying their posts, money and fame.  This is not going to lead anywhere.

Make up the mind first. Nuke deal or Anti-terrorism. (I am not linking them and neither they are linked anyway. ) I mean to say, prioritize anti-terrorist movements.  Pull in countries like Russia, Israel and learn how to beat terrorists. Lauch a big operation throughout the nation and strike for terrorist movements.  There are many more on the hide.  There are 1000s of terrorists in the nation, hiding.  Bring them out.  Show the world what we are capable of doing..  Once again terrorism is a trap which is 100 times worse than the “British colonial trap” where we fell some 150 yrs back.  British atleast taught our ancestors “english” and this eventually helped us a lot reaching out globally today.  Think what would terrorists teach our next generations..

We cannot wait anymore.. Its the time to show the world that we are not going to watch terrorism anymore.  My dear citizens in the government agencies- wake up.. We want to reach our Ex-President, Kalam’s dream of 2010.

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