Reethi Gowla is back..

I had earlier posted about this Raaga; Reethi Gowla in a post long back.  The recent interpretation of this raaga is the song from Subramaniyapuram.  This raaga can catch any ones attention in the first go.  The song has everything in it.  Although, there is a perfect chemistry between the actor and actress on the screens, it is this tune, rather the raaga/interpretation that sets the platform.  Yes, the actress had a lot of communication through her face and this takes back to the songs in early 80s. Directors like Bhagyaraj, Bharathiraja have screened many similar songs(in terms of picturization) in the past.  Getting back to the topic, one may find songs in kalyani, natabhairavi commonly in film music very often but reethi gowla is one such which is used in an intermittent manner. 

AR Rahman came up with a song in Mudalvan- “azhagana ratchasiye”.. This song is again wonderful interpretation of reethi gowla.  I have seen Rahman saying about the orchestra involved in composing this song and the problems in it.  The beats had to be on the pot and had to be played continuously without a break.  There were a big number of people in the orchestra troop and bringing them in sync was the toughest challenge.  And for a music director like ARR, there is no word below “Perfection”.  The song turned out really superb.  And SPB… The way he stretches- “Kiliye… elam kiliye…”… Wonderful piece… I will have to write a separate post on SPB for this song alone..

Vidyasagar touched this raaga in “Thambi” and the song turned out really good.  But this song involved a lot of music/musical instruments and they dominated the song.  I personally find it difficult to listen to the singer. Still the song had a lot of credits.

 Who can dare to end up a musical conversation without involving the “MAESTRO”…?  Illayaraja has come with probably the best compositions in this raaga in mid 70 and 80s.  Chinna Kannan Azhaikiran and thalaiyai kuniyum thamaraiye..  When it comes to Illayaraja, I really have nothing to say.. There should be no ambiguity on the song which is always “the best”.. Raman kadhai kelungal and Thalaiyai kuniyum thamaraiye are SPB sung songs and SPB makes the music in his voice.. PERFECT!

One can always listen to these masterpieces.

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10 Responses to Reethi Gowla is back..

  1. Sankar says:

    good one dude …nice compilation.

    you may also want to hear this lesser famous song “meetadha oru veenai” from Poonthottam..Hariharan renders an awesome rithi-gowlai rendition

  2. akila says:

    hey kaushik! i am sooo glad to have met you through internet. i loved the way u have composed the whole article about shows how interested and dedicated you are to music! i am avid music lover( carnatic in particular) and am learning carnatic music. you wont believe how crazy KANGAL IRANDAAL has drove me! i must say that i do enuf justice to that song! 😉

    love to be in touch with you if you have no issues! thanks again for such a wonderful article! i thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂 have a nice life!

  3. Vaishak Nambiar says:

    Dear Kaushik,
    Long back , before 6 years , i happened to hear this ‘thalayai kuniyum thamarai’ song in vijay tv at 6.30 am in the morning. i was sipping a superb tea prepared by my amma and was drifting through channels but unfortunately when i put it , it was on the final stage. when it stopped, i felt it like a ‘keerthanam’. The whole day, i was thinking of this music and i was surprising to see RaghuVaran Sir this handsome. i didnt remember ths song lyrcis, so i searched for it all in my life but after 6 years, i happen to know about it from your site. The only thing which let down the sweetness was this – i found out about reethi gowla before some months and listened to all the new songs in it.

    I will give u my collection of reethi Gowla from malayalam films-

    ‘Pranadosmi Guruvayurpuresam’ – Sindoora rekha – Music : Sharath
    “Kandu Njan Mizhikalil” – Abhimanyu- Music :Raveendran
    “Onnam Ragam Paadi’ – Thoovanathumbikal , Music : Perumbavoor .G. Ravindranath
    “Poo Malarnthida malarnthida ponmayile’ – Tik Tik Tik, Music :Ilaiyaraja [tamil song]
    “Maa Maadhava” – Five Star Hospital.[malayalam]

    • kaushik sriram says:

      @Vaishak – I have listened to Onnam Ragam Padi.. Really an awesome song. I will listen to the other ones.. Thanks

      • Vaishak Nambiar says:

        I am extremely happy that u replied to my comment….it is said that ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ and its happened in our case….he he….Do you love Philosophy and Films…?

      • kaushik sriram says:

        Yes! I do. Juz not getting time to write a lot these days..

  4. Vaishak Nambiar says:

    ‘Nada Vinodam’ from ‘Saagara Sangaram'[telugu]. Music : Ilaiayaraja. Beginning and ending. There are blend of other raagas also in it.


  5. Vaishak Nambiar says:

    @ Sankar,

    Exactly, thats is a song i loved so much in my life….one day, i was sitting in a browsing centre and i searched for some songs in their drive and then i got it…..It was reethi gowla , ya , i now remember…..’Meetatha Oru Veenai Ennai Meettum Neram, Puriyaatha oru paadal…..”…Reethi gowla has some divine connection with god himself………..

    With Love…Vaishak……….

  6. Hi, thank you for the wonderful information. There is another song in director K Viswanath’s Swathi Muthyam (kamal Hasan, Radhika), it is a ragamalika, but the pallavi and major portion of the song is done in this wonderful raagam. The song was composed by Maestro Ilayaraja – ‘Rama Kanavemira… Sri Raghuraama Kanavemira’. I am doing my Masters in Carnatic Music at Hyderabad and am learning ‘Vanajaksha’ ata thaala varnam in Reethigowla by Sri Veena Kuppayyar. Nice to be here.

  7. Please Check My web site for elaborate Reethi Gowla Aalaapana

    Your comments are welcome.

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