Enna koduma sir..

“Navarathri vandadum teriyala…. Ponadum teriyala…”  And in fact never in the history of my life I read on Saraswathi Poojai.. This time I did 🙂 

I am missing all great function back in home.  But yes, we do have a lot of Indians and there are some celebrations happening.  However, I cannot resist adding one thing-Life here in America could be as good as in India if there is a family.  One can celebrate all functions with a great joy.  But again this fun would be limited and one needs to be with all his/her relatives.  Specially Diwali and Pongal.  I sometimes think- Why am I here? Far from parents and friends.. The answer is straight forward;better career prospects.  But should we really compromise on our family values?  Again I have the answer- “Heart says No.. But mind says Yes!”  Aren’t we born to live with our families in our native?  If our destiny was “some other place” then the God we trust could have made our birth in “some other place”. (Sorry for the kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam impact.. But I feel kamal had a good amount of logic to support his statements in “Dasavatharam”).

In India during these functions the best I have done is just “eating”, visiting temple, sleeping.  Here two aspects are cut. I hardly felt the importance of functions.  But when I am missing them, I feel the pleasure in them.   This happens to everyone.. And I am not telling anything new. I have a lot of friends here who second my opinion.  

As things go.. Diwali is next function and then pongal….

I am writing in a “Gaand”(eng: frustation) of not getting my favourite “Sundal” for this navarathiri.. 

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1 Response to Enna koduma sir..

  1. Kittu Mama says:

    well said kaushik. Ellamae ikkaraikku akkarai pachai concept dhaan.

    Functions in India maadhiri worldlayae engayum illa. Ellam pirichu maenji edukara alavukku avlo functions. Even I’m missing those days but I’m happy that I’ll be in India this November.


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