Poornam Viswanathan…

Just as the sun was about to rise on August 15th 1947, when Radio was the only source of e-media, All India Radio broadcasted its morning news.  The biggest news for the day was undoubtedly the Indian Independence.  This news was read by Poornam Viswanathan who was a news reader with AIR.  Hence, Poornam Viswanathan became the first Indian to announce the Indian Independence in media to the people.  

This gentleman with a magical voice passed away last month(Oct 1, 2008).  The way he speaks is the best part of him.  There are n number of people in Tamil Nadu who perform mimicry like him.  He is probably the most imitated person.  Any mimicry show in Tamil will surely have one person imitating Poornam. I have a person in my home too who typically imitates his voice.  One who thinks of Poornam is immediately reminded of few movies namely- Thillu Mullu, Mahanadhi, Asai and off course- Ek Duje ke Liye!

My personal favorite among the above is Thillu Mullu.  “Nadula nadula.. Enga appa ipadi sonnaru apadi sonnaru nu sollikitte irukkanum”..”Unga Appan eduvun urupadiya sonnadhu ila”..”nee buruda vidanum” .. One another movie I recollect is Ninaithale Inikum.  He appears for a very short period with Rajinikanth and his friends.  “Toyota Car aah.. Sundu Virala..”.. [The scene where Rajini is challenged by Pooranam for his stylish handling of cigarette”]  In Mahanadhi, Poornam played a very serious role.  He has a unique style of pronounciation and this feature attracts listeners.  He fits the role of a father perfectly and specially a responsible father role!  In fact he conveys a lot of messages through his facial expressions.  But he was not a 100% dominant artist on the screens.  His roles too were to an extent in many movies. Still he enjoys a great following.  His dialogue delivery was the sole reason. 

Poornam has done plenty of small roles and was a very good stage artist.  Although he is no more, his voice will continue to influence many people.  

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