Farewell Dada…

One man whom I admired the most after Sachin in the cricketing arena.  One of the most charismatic sportsperson I have seen so far.  For one big reason; his sixers. One man who had faced all ups and downs in the cricket from being selected as a captain to being dropped for a number of series.  He is one among those set of players who can devastate any bowler.  I started watching him play right from his first test in Lords. 

A true inspiration for youngsters who get dejected on being dropped.  He struggled hard although the entire nation knew than he has lost his “Form”.  Not the old Sourav!.  There is always an end for anything in life- be it career or project or relationship or even life itself.  I have already written about this in another blog.

Dada’s on field and off field conduct has always been controversial.  But I am not here to talk about that.  Remember, I told I am fan of Dada.  To say that Dada was only responsible for it is absurd.  Gettng back, the legend called his final test with a duck :(.  This shows that he was completely out of form and this is a right time for him to quit. 

Dada will be remembered for his marvelous sixers, captaincy and wonderful performance for years.  Good bye to the Indian Prince.

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