Quantum Of Solace..

I am not a follower of Bond Movies.. However, I never missed Bond Movies in the past 10 yrs.. Quantum  of Solace has a special mention- First movie I watched in a theatre in the US. 

Reviewing the movie is not a big deal.  There was nothing so special with this new guy and I did not get the “James Bond” feel throughout the movie.  Usual Bond movies have some attractive gadgets and styles, but this one had nothing like that.  There is no big deal about the story part.  Lot of people come and go in every frame.. I really don’t know why certain things happen in the movie.  The action part too was not upto the expectations.. The background score which is an unique one for Bond was very much missing in this movie. There could have been more cars, gadgets, fights in the movie.  Daniel Craig has to do some more Homework to be a perfect Bond. 

Brosnan was a wonder Bond I have loved watching.  There was a charm and a detective feel in him.  World is not enough” was really good. 

Sometimes, I wonder what’s the difference between a James Bond movie and a Vijaykanth movie?  Few scenes in both of them are completely umimaginary and impossible in real life. It’s more felt in Vijaykanth movies than in Bond movies.  People often talk about. Bond finds a nice fancy sports car even in a center of the desert where no one lives.  Our star Vijaykanth is capable of burning a transformer through his body power. Perhaps, movies aren’t the reflection of real life.  I enjoy watching Vijaykanth movies.  

Not to divert the topic anymore, Quantum of Solace is one step below bad.

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