Nice song..

Bole re papi hara”…  I have listened to this song in my childhood days.  Later lost bandwidth and then again I re visited this song some 2-3 yrs back.  This was when I heard a tamil song from the movie Aadhi(Vijay and Trisha).”Ennai konja konja vaa..”  Yes!! Of course there is a connection between this tamil song and Bole re papi.. I was in train travelling back to home from college when I heard this tamil song in FM.  I realized that this is a very familiar music and was taking my mind for a “big ride”..  As always “tondai la nikkudu”..(music in my throat.. but was completely clueless..) .. After few searches and effective consulting I was reminded of the song “bole re papi”.. Both the songs are from the same raaga…:)

Bole re papi, sung by Vani Jayaram was a brilliant piece by Vasant Desai.  This song appears in the movie Guddi and Jaya Badhuri(Jaya Bacchan later) played the lead role.  It’s all about a young girl(Jaya) who is a “Cinema fanatic”…(I still remember watching this movie in DD National)..  Vani’s voice was heart heart catching.  She sings very casually, specially in this song which is a solo.. With Internet and google in specific- life has become very easy and viewing this song is not a big deal. So is finding more about the song.

This song is in a very unique hindustani raaga named- Malhar (miyan ki malhar). This is a Hindustani equivalent of our Amurthavarshini… I was amazed to find these details.. Tansen(Remember Akbar’s courtyard’s Musician) was behind the composition of this raaga. [I still have doubts on which came first- Amrthavarshini or Malhar..].  My idea is not to create a competition between music styles(hindustani or carnatic) based on their history. These raagas are known to bring down rain :).. Sounds nice right??

With some effective internet searches and understandings, I have collected few pieces of this raaga.. This should be a very pleasant song for everyone.. Listen to the last video.. From a satyajit ray’s movie.. That provides a deep walk through… [only if you are soooo much into music..]… 



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