I was travelling from Cincinatti to New York couple of days back.  I boarded the plane and settled in my window seat.  As the boarding was in progress a lot if nice looking girls kept boarding the flight.  Namakku daan “Vella kaari” naale oru attraction ache… My next seat was vacant and I kept praying that one girl should come and sit here. I understand, this was too much.  I am reading a book named-“How to influence women” these days and this book is great source of motivation.  I was sure that I can start a conversation with any girl right away.  I saw girls taking seats all around me except the one next to me. In fact front la oru China karan pakkathulla oru sema ponnu… Mavane!! Mooke illadha unnaku ippadi oru ponna.. I knew my luck and from numerous past experience I was sure that this will not happen.  I wished at least a “coat suite” gentleman next to me.  I could do some networking in that case.  “Namakku kadavul moola kuduthano illayo continuous ah pesarthuku Vai kuduthurkane”..

Coming back, all seats filled and there was no one next to me.  Ada paavi- “Ooty ku thaniya daan poghanum pola irukku” nu Amaidipadaila Manivannan dialogue nyabhagam vandhuchu… But still there was a deep pheeling in me that might be there is a bumper jackpot for me.  And there was a kind of delay in departure.  The pilot announced that they were expecting some more passengers and they will wait for 4-5 mins. Sonna udana namakku oru positive thinking.. “Usually guys don’t get late.  Looking at mirrors for 23.5 hours a day, it’s usually the girls who get delayed. I self-assured me that the seat is for a girl…

Now comes the turning point.. A “paati”(grand-grand old lady) got into the flight. She should be around 75 yrs.  As she was walking down the coach(with a walking stick and air hostess’ aid), my face turned completely nervous.  Godddd…… Please… Please…. Not next to me.. please.. And Bulls eye.. She came, gave a smile and sat in the next seat. Ukkandadhu poradhu nu… She asked me-“Can you help me with getting the seat belt?”, which stuck between the seats…”

Pongada neenglum unga airlines umm.. Pallavan Bus lendu Delta Airlines varaikkum naanum ellam watts layum “BULB” parthutten…

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1 Response to “BULB”..

  1. Pon says:

    same blood !!! 😦

    Ada paavai…. Same story during my return journey from London to Mumbai :-). That paati asked me the same ” can you help me to get the Seat belt “.

    I’m too happy that… the same thing happened to you tooo… 🙂

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