Essence of Ilayaraja

Although Ilayaraja has 1000+ songs that are way above just melody, this song- Thalattum Poongatru is a very special song.  I would rate this among his top 10 compositions.  An example of perfect composition.  Charming Karthik and beautiful Bhanupriya have blended this melody above excellence.  From the movie gopura vasalile, this song sets the platform for a great music listening. 

Composed in Simmendramadhyayam raaga, which many music directors have not even dared to touch, Illayaraja has infact commanded the raaga.  Looks like a grim raaga flexes to IRs command.  If one listens to ananda raagam song from paneer pushpangal which is said to be from the same Raaga, IRs talent is just impeccable.  Ananda raagam song moves pretty much faster and this is pretty much opposite. 

The song’s choreography is just awesome. One must listen to the flute bits that come in between the song.  The song can touch the heart of even the saddest person and bring in a smile on the face.  Sung by Janaki and words can’t describe her voice.  

This song remains pleasant anytime and anywhere… Hats of the the maestro… 

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