Mangalore attacks..

The violent attack on a Pub in Mangalore is an alarming signal for the Administration.  Typically we are seeing a Private Government functioning in every part of the country.  Looking stunts of these kind in Movies are ok, but completely unacceptable in reality. 

One word- Culture, and people get 1000s of excuses for their foolishness.  I have always believed that our culture has broken, damaged and mis-understood over these years.  Only way to bring it back is “Strong Administration” and “Strong Committment”.  Just an attack on pub will not restore the culture and take us to Ram-Rajya.  The pub will re-open in some days and people will be back on the track.  To say that people who go there are uncultured and are spoiling the culture is absurd. I know tons of Chivas Regal and Mc Dowels “amikifying” people who are very decent in society.   Culture is always interpreted as being religious. In other words, being religious attributes to being cultured. This is an unfortuante mis-interpretation.  I can show 100s of religious “rogues” and tons of cultured and religious people. 

There are n number of things that are not our culture, still we tend to do it.  I don’t blame the people for that. But beyond certain point culture we cannot expect that everyone born and grown up in India would self-accumalate our culture. 

Not to blow trumpets– I was told by many of my Indian fellow citizens that – US is not a cultured country, UK is ok… etc.. .. Bull Shit… These people abide to the traffic signal even at 1:00am when there is no one on the road, you need to produce a Valid License or Country Identification to prove that you are above 21 and eligible to buy Alcohol and Tobacco.  You cannot enter pubs or bars just as you wish.  Security checks for your identification and age.  In future if these rules are changed and minimum age limit is increased to 25, people will follow, rather have to follow.  You get a ticket/fine along with a proof when you exceed speed limit…This the reality and we need to accept it.  But as Indians we fail to commit ourself. Corruption exists even in US. In US it would be the top management’s top icon involved, but in India, right from a office Peon to Prime Minister office, corruption prevails. 

Corruption is just an example.  My idea was to strengthen administration… Secularism, pseudo securalism… There is nothing that one would benefit from this.  Administration must be made harder.  Defining laws is not at all a big issue. We cannot tolerate people taking law into their hands and broadcasting as saviours of Culture.

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