Grand Reception for the “Mozart of Madras”.

As always… ARR was given a cheering reception at Chennai.  ARR was so humble in coming out of his house and spending some time with people gathered to wish him..See him… We Indians, specifically Tamils are more out burst fans of many icons.  We give our best in cheering them and wishing them. Yes, it goes violent at time..At many times… Just looking at the crowd outside the Airport for ARR shows it. Fan following is more than any number of Oscars.  Good that Rahman chose to come out of the regular arrivals and give a “darshan”..  In an early morning interview ARR mentioned that he was glad to see the huge crowd and love of people.  

Sivamani, as always a hardcore enthusiastic guy.  Ensured that he diverts peoples attention to atleast reduce the crowd peeping into the arrivals.  

ARR, as I have seen him over the years is a very silent man.  He prefers to talk when needed and makes sure he talks relevantly. It’s something amusing for a person like me who spends major part of the day talking and often irrelevantly(true: Empty vessels make more noise).  It’s a kind of learning for me.  This is something I find with few famous icons like V.Anand and Sachin. 

 I saw a media (a famous English news channel in India) reporting – Once again the “Bollywood’s” musician has proved the whole world……etc etc…. How come suddenly Bollywood came into the scene and ARR became a brand ambassador for it? SDM being shot in Mumbai, ARR working with musicians in Mumbai and ARR having composed Hindi tunes cannot be even 0.1% convincing evidence to prove that point. Where did ARR go directly from the US? Media… Bollywood.. Come out of the impression that you rule the “India Entertainment company”.  There are greater talents in every nook and corner of the country.. In different regions… Understand that its you people who start regional differences issue and finally put the blame on few liguistically biased states for being conservatives.

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1 Response to Grand Reception for the “Mozart of Madras”.

  1. KP says:

    “Bollywood’s Musician…” ….. aaaggaagaa….. ore comedy thaan.

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