A week in Dallas

Last week was awesome and a perfect spring break.  I went to Dallas to my cousin’s home.  It was a 5 hour drive from my place.  I went with a friend of mine. Driving car in the US is really cool until a cop car comes at your back and starts flashing his stylish lights !.  It did happen during this drive but thank god- No Ticket- just an identity check.!

Just as I reached my cousin’s home, she was preparing a wonder desi dish for the dinner.  Started with two pooris, I ended up with 7. My cousin’s son is a hyper active gentlechild.   He is just like many kids- “Oru Katha sollu”..”vaa Velayadalam”.. “blocks game veladalam”, Spider man.. super man… .  He was just fun and it was indeed fun playing with him.  He is damn shrewed. Very difficult to distract.

Then as days went… Loads of food.. My favourite ones.. Cabbage curry, Garlic Rasam, Thengai-arachavita Kozhambu, Vattha Kozhambu, Paratha, chappati and soo on were on the dining table… I need to tell that my cousin is a very very dedicated and wonderful cook. Infact I spent most the time in eating.  Going ahead, we went to Pizza Hut a day and then to a Desi Hotel- Madras Pavilion.  Food was nice even there.  Not on a criticizing note but I feel telling- There cannot be any hotel that comes closer to Saravana Bhavan Ghee Roast. 

We went to Mall, movie (Gran Torino; this was a nice movie) and few other shops.  My cousin’s home has a big garden in the back and this is ground for playing Shuttle and cricket. We played a lot. My uncle took me to a outlet which had all brand shops.  Got few T-shirts and pants.. Thanks to him!. 

Ultimately this was a wonderful trip I enjoyed.

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