It’s too hot…

I am currently in Dallas.  This is a kind of Little India City in the US.  All around one will find many Indians.  It might sound great but the inside story is Indians hardly speak with each other specially in residential localities even if they are neighbours. I really don’t understand – why… There is not even 1% India feel inspite of having tons of Indians nearby.

As it’s mid summer, climate is just scrotching. It was 100 F this afternoon.  Statistically, Chennai is even hotter than this place, still I feel Dallas hotter. Getting into the car after a pretty much tiring office work, it’s like – oh man.. I would prefer to stay in office.  By the time A/Cs brings the temperature inside the car to something bearable, we get to reach our home. Parking lots are the biggest challenge in almost all places in the US.  In my office there is a special parking lot which is protected from Sun and is specially allocated to “Employee of the Month”.  I guess there is a tough competition for it just for the sake of getting a “reserved and cool” parking lot. At times I curse many for not having sun proof highways and parking lots.  In koundamani’s slang – wat state govt, what a centre govt…??

One good part is that there are plenty of Cricket teams here and I am looking for joining one very soon.y..Watching tamil movies is not a big deal in Dallas, there are plenty of theatres which release all latest movies.  And yes, there are a lot of Temples and Indian hotels. Perfectly connected with all other cities in the US. Alltough, Texas State Policies are usually an all time mess, Dallas shines out. This city has everything that is there in rest of the US – sky scrappers, parks, awesome and well organized roads. Most big companies have an IT unit back in Dallas.  Adding to it, Dallas is not a very costly place to make a decent living. (I remember one of my Professor telling – There are few places in the US where Wal-Mart has a great dominance. These places are comparitively cheaper than other because of the obvious fact of Wal-Mart’s business style).  Dallas is one among those places.

Dallas is undoubtedly the Best place I have visited in the US so far even though it’s hot…

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