Sarvam Ring tone…

Oh man!! I was watching Sarvam a month back (probably just when it was released in India) and the one and only thing that I liked in the movie was the ring tone that rings whenever Arya looks at Trisha.. ” Raaaja Sir… Pinnittenga !! “.. Frankly,  I hadn’t listened to the song corresponding to the ring tone earlier.  Initially had no clue on what the song was but I kept humming it till I reached home.   My cousin was shrewed enough to find out the song as it was their “young days” song. 

Now my mobile blows this ring tone and I understand a lot of my friends having the same tone.  It’s a sensation…  I guess Illayarja’s music journey is a “akshaya Paathiram”. Vandhukitte irukku… Hats off once again… But the dance is screwed as much as possible.  Silk could have been better used – like the “Adiye Manam nilluna” song in Neengal Kettavai..  “Adiyye Manam” is a perfect example of “Kutthu” song and the composition is mind blowing… The song would make any one of us do some steps and dance eventually… Beyond Kuthu song..  IR is just marvelous…

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2 Responses to Sarvam Ring tone…

  1. sundar says:

    it is a good

  2. sundar says:

    i search this ringtone for long time but now i am very happy ,thank you

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