Kamal’s 50 years in Film Industry

Just got to watch the entire event.  Just like a ton of Kamal fans, I too, am proud of his achievements. His journey in Film industry is more of an inspiration to anyone. He has seen ups and downs all these 50 years.  Many of his class movies hardly survived in the box office… Still he gives every damn try. He is an institution.. an university and probably the guru for anyone who thinks of acting in movies. The best part of Kamal is his sincereness to his gurus- namely Sivaji Ganesan and Nagesh.  I was 100% sure that Kamal would talk about these two people and was just waiting. I am sure many tamil fans would agree to me on this – Kamal is lone actor who has the “Gethu” to stand with even the so called smartest, cutest, hottest actors in the world.

Going forward- everyone talked “ahha ohho” about Kamal and it was obvious. Kamal was in fact true in saying that many producers here have come after cursing him (for giving flops in their production). DD is getting famous these days.. And to see all the top stars from the south namely- Rajini, Mammoty, Mohan Lal, Venkatesh joining the eve was a delight in itself. I am still wondering why not many (infact none) north indian biggies made a presence? (My idea is not to start out a controversy) Kamal has done a bit lot in Hindi film industry and he requries a praise from Biggies in Hindi Film Industry.

Kamal and Rajini shared a good amount of sentiments and finally when they hugged each other, the stage set like a “Sara vedi”.

Then the part where Kamal spoke out accepting the honor. One “Kadi” thing about Kamal, rajini and many other actors is that they get carried away a lot and get lost in some other world when they talk. It’s true for all humans.. You hardly find people like Vallabhai Patel who talk “just upto the point clearly and strongly”.  But the extent to which Rajini and Kamal get carried is way above any thresholds set (if any). I remember Rajini speaking in “Samy” Movie’s 100th day I guess- He in fact gave a lecture on Mahabharatham. Now they are super stars; every fan will listen word by word of what they speak.

Now in the due course of Kamal’s speech few talks were not needed. Athigan, nathigan… anbe sivam and sooo on… and he continues telling that he chose the way of love, peace and affection. “kadavul illai nu naan enga sonnen- irundha nalla irukkum nu dhaane solren”… and for this dialogue there is a huge applause.. Kovilgalai idipavargal naathigara irukka maatar and varum kalathil athigara irupaargal.. so on….. So what’s his point? Those who believe in god, do prayers and rituals are actually “Hitlers” and those who talk about love and peace (and don’t believe in god) are actually Gandhiji’s own children?? Serving the society is something he is projecting as something equivalent to prayers.  Agreed! But- be aware, we have had many people who have served the society with love, peace, affection and spirtuality.   He goes ahead saying that he is not trying to tease those people who prayed god for his well-being. Kamal sir- what are you trying to justify here? Kamal hassan might not believe in God and everyone knows it.  He need not justify his thoughts in big crowd as no one is interested to know why he doesn’t believe in God. It’s has been our earlier mentality to admire what these cinema stars say and specially when they say something that is new and never thought about earlier.  We think the thought is an “intelligent thought” just because the speaker had the guts to speak and sounded different from our beliefs hence, tend to support it…

The above were just my open thoughts…. But for me Kamal Hassan is the peak of the mountain named “Art”. I will watch his “Nayagan” for the 21st time tonight.  I will not miss any of his movies in the future. Hats off to Kamal Hassan!!

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