Nearing 26/11

Nothing has really changed sinced last year’s terror attacks at Mumbai, India. As many Citizens projected, the government has left it casually just like another cockroach among 1000s in a public bathroom. I would say nothing will change in the future.

Congress and so called “Secular” will do their best to ignore and dilute the whole terror attack. They might infact go an extent claiming it “never happened under our rule”. “Things are well under control.” If things go beyond control, Congress would use the Babri Masjid element to confuse people.

Rahul Gandhi will be busy with his travel to different parts of UP assuring people of food, money and luxury if Congress in voted to power in the state.

Our Home Minister will be busy in giving statements on internal security everyday depending upon the Political Party that supports the government. One day if he says – we are open for talks with Naxals, the other day he says- we will act against naxals.  He will articulate a highly diplomatic list of measures taken after 26/11. We have stationed NSGs closer to Mumbai – “so that it would take hours for them to reach if terrorists plan to attack Kolkata or Chennai”.

Intelligence agencies will be frequently issuing warnings of terror attacks by air, water and underground. They will not fail to mention all the vital installations in all cities. They just want to make sure they are not pointed if a terror strike happens in future.

Our Prime Minister will be anyway busy in statements like – Economic re-infrastructure, Fiscal deficit, 2%, 5%, 2000 Crores, will not tolerate terrorism, nuclear deal.

Terrorists caught in various terror attacks would still continue to enjoy the Indian Hospitality, read newspapers, eat Mughali-cuisine food and live a lavish life – after they know it will take 10-12 yrs before being sentanced.

Our external affairs minister would be happy if we ignore Chinese incursions and take it in a light vein as we have been doing for years. This would relieve him of facing his Chinese counterparts.

Governement offices will continue to process land agreements, passports, Drivers License, permits, building contruction permits and so on in a corrupt environment.

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