Pune blasts, srk, siv sena

Pune Blast is yet another example to an intelligence failure.. Our home minister says it’s not so but whom can we blame.. Those undercover spies are the best people to take the blame. A person comes into a city with explosives, plants them in a multi cultural eatery and home minister says no intelligence failure..

Terrorism in India has shifted gears. Now most of the targets include places where people from different countries mingle. This shows that terror groups too have joined hands to warn the international community. And in India terrorism is no more Kashmir centric. In fact no one cares about Kashmir these days.

With many Jewish establishments coming under terror attacks there is every possibility of a wide range of terror operations. Wonder what mossads are doing.. True, no one knows what they are upto.. It’s time we start acting. Atleast destroy the PoK terror camps. That’s where terror plot starts. Talks with pakistan can never be a success until terror camps in Pakistan are destroyed. Advani made this point clear in a parliament speech and he is true.

Why is it that we don’t learn from our mistakes?

Shahruk and shiv sena battle was really ugly. Sharukh thinks his talks can set a trend for peaceful dialogues with Pakistan but he is actually wrong. Bal thackrey thinks he can get publicity if he targets sharukh. Both are misled.

Bal thakrey, instead of talking soo much, should dedicate his shiv sena in gathering intelligence and try to find bombs planted in the city. Let’s see how many in shiv sena will volunteer for this. He can announce for every 2 common man getting killed In a terror attack one shiv sena activist will die. Wondering y terrorists don’t target politicians.. Any under the table dealings???????? Let’s see how many die . If I am held in a gun point where the gunman asks me to praise Pakistan, then I would be glad to die

Is there anyone on this planet to save us???

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