The great Indian 2G scam!

This is the worst scam ever. A.Raja should have been removed as a Minister rather than asked for resignation.  Manmohan Singh should have shown courage in removing him once he felt that wrong things were going on in his cabinet.  Even though he is seen as a dummy PM, he still has every damn power to show his courage. Having him tender his resignation in fact glorified him.

3 main charges leveled against A. Raja are:

– Preferred using a first come- first serve model in 2G licensing.

– Unfair advantage given to India’s biggest corporate houses.

– Pricing the the spectrum for 2001 rates which were dead cheap.

Does this mean that our phone call charges dropped to 10p/min because companies paid less towards license? But that couldn’t be a reason because, I found out that call rates globally dropped significantly over the last 5-6 years. Whatever! Here we are talking about $30 billion (I cannot write in Indian Rupee – It goes like Rs 100000000000000…..) loss to the government. This money would have provided good education and food for at least 200 villages in India.  We could have used it for our Border Protection (Just like how US hiked non-immigrant Visa fee and is using it on the Borders for Drug prevention).

Ultimately, the biggest corporate houses of India got an unfair advantage.  Few small firms got licenses and sold them at a higher rate to international telecom agents. Who were these small firms, what connections they have with the Telecom Minister, other companies are unknown. It was a disappointment to see that the Tata’s too were a big beneficiary of this License.  I always held Tata’s as the most ethical business entity in India. Let’s see if they can stand up the common man belief.  Ambanis – from what I find in Wiki – they are not doing anything new here.

The news stories goes very complex everyday. Good that the Supreme Court has intervened. CBI has been a “Congress Bureau of Investigation”.  Most of the big corporate houses wont even be touched. For one simple reason, “it’s India”.  I am least assured that anything that involved Karunanidhi and Co would have involved at least a 2000-3000 crore bribery.  These corrupt governments, individuals and officers have ruined the country’s progress. Congress has been topping this list.  Business houses like Reliance and Tata’s have made the country proud in every possible field. And not just proud, they have given a good amount of earnings for their share holders and made a good money for themselves.  It is completely unethical business that they sought to do at this juncture.

Barkha Dutt is another head ache for the entire nation. She says that she didn’t care to report her conversations with Nira Radia because she gets calls from many lobbyists and it’s not her duty to report.  But here Barkha knows that Nira Radia is a PR for two biggest Indian Business houses (Tata and Ambani) and she chose not to report.  Nira Radia is worth Rs 300 Crore.  For all non-sense things she takes the Mic and reports for hrs.

Raja cannot be the only individual to be finger pointed.  Now it’s pretty evident that there has been a huge money transaction here and there.  And dammit, one thing I am proud was – When the western world was into it’s deepest economic crisis, India was having a big cash flow!

Least I can do is think of how to become a Telecom minister when 4G licenses roll out in future!

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