Illayaraja… King of music

King of Orchestra, king of BGMs, king of re recording, king of Melody….. and the list goes on. Illayaraja’s music has become an addiction to me which I just want to enjoy. Be it a beat song, melody or sad – He is a genius. His tunes just stay in my heart and I am sure it happens for every listener. I have compiled a list of my top 10 collections of Illayaraja.. I am not a real fan of selecting top songs but still wanted to give a try for a rating.


Putham Pudhu Kalai – Kadhal Oviyam

Listen to the prelude..


Thendrale ennai thodu.. K J Yesudoss and Raja Combo!!

8. Kuthu paatu style – Raja is an expert.. No match..(NOTE: pls ignore Thyagarajan dance and concentrate on the song and of course – Silk)

7. Evergreen melody.. Writer Sujatha quoted before the release of this movie that this song is something of a Beethovan level. Only Tamil composer who can do is Raja. First song of Vairamuthu..

6. King of orchestra.. This song blows me into pieces. again a remarkable KJ sung song.

5. Madura marikozhundhu vaasam… An excellent folk style blended with a melody.Specially 0:26 to 0:44 seconds… Electrifying!

4. Brilliant song for the given situation. The tune itself projects an intimacy. Probably his masterpiece. “nee paartha” from Hey Ram..

3. Start from 1:00 second. “Ithazhyil Kadhai”. A materpiece movie from Kamal Hassan and one my all time favorites.

2. A long come back for Illayaraja with stunning intro song. Listen to the beats. It just takes me to a different world. “Naan Kadavul Intro”

1. Another masterpiece. I am just posting the concert version. “Thumbi vaa”.. Soothing melody.

I just cannot summarize Raja’s hits in 10 points. He goes beyond that. Hats off to the genius. Take a bow!

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1 Response to Illayaraja… King of music

  1. manjusha says:

    good compilation of IR top 10. Thanks for reminding some of those nostalgic songs. but like you said, given the versatality of his compositions, it is impossible to put together a comprehensive list.

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