From a dense people wave over the Marina Beach to a peaceful hall at Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore is not just a place in Chennai. It’s an institution of tradition.

Well, that said, Mylaporeans have the tendency to boast more that any other “area” people in Chennai.  I believe that any neighborhood becomes memorable and fun only when people of all age group interact with each other and are involved.  Mylapore, from my experience has everything in it.  Be it children playing cricket on the streets, a sect of thatha’s talking about an editorial in “The Hindu”, some about “pradoshams” and temple proceedings, paati’s getting together for a “Radha Kalyanam” or a “Bhajana Session”, a set of high school students driving a scooty for IIT coaching, others with some girl, Maamis jointly occupying the entire road for their “Kolam” skills, fusion of bhakthi songs (Vishnu sahasarnamam in house number 2, Skanda Sashti kavacham in house 4, Hara Hara Sivane in a Hotel near by, MSS, SPB, KJ, TMS.. all singers)..  Moving near the beach is Santhome Cathedral, again a well known church in India. Seems like all gods are kept occupied the whole day. “Panchagajam” mamas moving around the streets, St Isabel’s Hospital where I was born, Light house, Parakkum rail convenience and the list just goes on…

29C, 12C, 21N, 21G and that 5B, the Adyar Anandha bhavan, fast food near Kapali temple, Bazaar road, Luz Anjaneyar, Mosque street anjaneyar, P.S School Anjaneyar, kesava perumal kovil, Sangeethas (that 5rs Ice cream), the big bungalows of RA puram, Santhome (actually passing by the Rosary girls school -:)), .. I was never a fan of Schools in Mylapore just because, I never studied in those schools. Just a personal enmity.

Luz signal with plenty of road side shops selling some clothing catches my attention quickly. Behind those road sides another Sangeetha restaurant hides.  Nageshwar rao park is one excellent place for a walking along smelling the “Amurthanjan” factory.

RR Sabha, Vendanta desikar temple, Mylapore Fine Arts, Mada Streets, chitrakulam, Solaiappan street, TSV koil Street, Mosque Street, Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore times, Aruvathimoovar..

No doubt that Mylapore still holds it’s value as a traditional place in not only Chennai but in India. Growing up in Mylapore is like a blessing in itself.

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