Food is one thing that can turn me on anytime. Having grown in the streets of Chennai, I have enjoyed every single food variety. Be it the home made Brahmin style or Saravana Bhavan or Sangeetha style. Now, my eating choices doesn’t stop with the above mentioned styles. I still remember those walking days to a corner shop near my grandma’s home to have those north indian style Samosas, Chaats, paav bhaji and so on… Another Corner shop near the Kalliappa Hospital intersection almost became our Den for years. This shop is a mix of chat, juice and sandwich. I have always preferred to have one from each category. Hot Kitchen near my cousin’s home, Andhra mess and Vansantha Bhavan. One chat shop and bakery opp to SBOA, Annanagar.. The hot Puffs they serve made me visit them almost daily.

Road side shops are one great destination. One near Brilliant Tutorials in T.Nagar is among my favorite hangout with my college friends. This eatery is as small as a road side tea stall but the crowd that pours in is unbelievable. Nothing can be as legitimate as Mylai Karpagambal Mess. Mylapore days were definately my most enjoyable days. Subway is the only American food that i loved. I will come to this road side deal later.

The food at my grandma’s home is the best[DOT]. A typical Mylapore Brahmin family. My Aunt makes every dish with a 100% precession on the taste’ometer. Be it Podalanga, one dish that I always hated to even see. Nothing can beat the Seera molaghu rasam” (sathumadhu), Vendakkai, cabbage and most importantly the simple Tomato Rasam. that puliyodharai she makes would call in all my classmates to my desk in a second. Lunch menus differ in accordance to the day. Ekadesi, dwadasi… But her capability of making some unusual menus like paav bhaji, bhel poori was really astonishing. Things were little different when my go another Aunt’s home. The level of Orthodoxy reduces but the taste is impeccable. The Sambhar and Rasam coupled with a Cauliflower fry simply cruises into my throat. From there another aunt’s home who makes the best of all “Avials”, sundakka kozhambu and serves it with a home made “Vadaam”. This home made vadaam similar to Murukku is her trademark. And I am My family circle undoubtedly has the best Dosa Makers. My mom herself is a geek. My mom since having spent a good time in the northern part of India makes all sort of North Indian food. The poori with that Kezhangu – My dad and myself would fall in her feet. Be it a paper roast or utthapam style. And when it goes with a coconut chutney…. Nothing went wrong in the genes. My girl cousins have inherited the best cooking styles from their seniors. One cousin is an avial n kootu expert, one poori kezhangu and one what to say – all in all azhagu rani.. I would take a bow and agree with anyone who says that a Woman’s hands are magical when it comes to almost anything in this world including cooking. Cooking is one profession where perfection counts a lot.

And now to the Road side story… Hotel Sapthagiri near Pondy Baazar in T.Nagar was a famous hangout with my friends. Don’t know why we always chose that place but it was worth the money. The Masala Dosa was the best of all there. One opposite to Natesan park served some great parotas and kal dosais. Hot Kitchen and Madurai Appu in Valasarwakkam has some Kallathal Azhiyatha stories. The molagha Bhajji’s in Beasant Nagar Beach to fast foods along the ECR, I have tried a lot. That sundal shop opp of Sangeetha’s in Mylapore has always been my personal best. Bangalore days were also dedicated to food. The Janani Hotel in JP nagar, Dosa COrner in Jayanagar still remains in front of me. One next to my cousin’s home in rajaji ngr, Bangalore.. They served some great Vadas, dosais. The side dish, kurma, along with these dishes is unforgettable.

Before signing off, remember that we should be thankful to the almighty for we are not left starving in this world. Unfortunately, there are tons of people across our country still battling for one plate of food a week and some basic amenities. We are still stuck in a hunger driven world. Let’s not waste food willfully or out of excitement. Help the ones deprived of such basic amenities and there is nothing noble like contributing towards feeding and educating a poor/needy in this world. This is probably our karma and purpose of our existence.

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