Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple..

Over the last one week, the biggest news has been from “God’s own country”.  The biggest treasure ever seen by our country in recent past has been unearthed. Gold and silver wares worth over INR 50,000 crores has been found in 6 secret chambers inside the temple. This is almost $20 Bn, it seems!  I am thinking how the nature or god balances everything.  Karunanidhi and family ended up creating a loss of over crores to the entire nation. Now, god’s chambers open with 50K crores of gold. Feels like – in the end of the day, everything gets equated someway or the other.

I have been to Thiruvanthapuram and Padmanabhaswamy temple some 15 years ago.. May be 12 yrs ago..Lord in “ananthasayanam” position, just like Srirangam.  There were a lot of rumors here and there about presence of gold in the temple. But no could have even imagined the worth of it to be this much.. Within couple of nights, Tiruvanathapuram Padmanabhaswamy has become richer than Tirupathi Venky 🙂 That’s just on a modern note,… They all  are a manifestation of the one supreme soul – Brahman -MahaVishnu..

Wealth found in the secret chambers has been attributed to the erstwhile Kingdom of Travancore. This kingdom in the history has been rich and unconquered.  Royal kingdom of Travancore derives roots from the Chera Dynasty. According to Historians and Mutt Jeers, the kingdom offered all its wealth to the Lord as everything belongs to the supreme god.  Hence, the kingdom’s wealth was put into secret vaults inside the temple.

Historically, a lot of Indian temples were severely looted by foreign rulers. Mahmud of Gazni, Aurangazeb, and East India Company are the biggest examples.  Just thinking how rich temples would have been if our kingdoms were strong enough to restrain those foreign rulers from entering and making temple wealth safe.  Not that India never had strong kingdoms. King Ashoka the great, in Mauryan dynasty, the Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras (a derivative of cheras is the Travancore Kingdom), were definitely strong and civilized. History says that Pandyas established diplomatic relations with the Roman empire. Somehow, this temple escaped from those attacks.

Supreme Court is now monitoring the temple wealth and will decide what to do with it. But, its going to be a long process.  I would recommend using a part of this wealth in improving temple amenities, annadhanam and educational activities and leave some for generations to come.  A small amount can be put on display for generations to come. Be it all accounted properly to the State or Central govt or the Supreme Court..

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