Money Money Money..

Read a news article in NDTV yesterday about Paris Hilton’s India trip. Good that she found some free time from her 180 available days a year (I always thought that Hiltons and Lohans spend at least half an year behind the bars on some drug abuse charges).

The gist of the news is that Paris Hilton who was in Mumbai gave a $100 note to a beggar in the road. The beggar lady never knew the worth of that bill but asked her brother-inlaw to get it exchanged to spendable Indian Rupee. However, the $100 bill created a big fight in the beggars family and community and everyone started assaulting each other for that Dollar Bill. The lady beggar who got the note from Ms Hilton didn’t want to share it with anyone. Eventually things got messy and ended up in a family and community fight. Her brother in – law tore the dollar note into pieces as he felt that all the fight was because of that. He didn’t know the value of it but did regret after knowing the value.

Though the money is gone and fight is over, do you think there would be a Harmony in that community? This incident would have obviously increased the sense of regret, anger and ego among the relatives and community members. $100 is valued inr 5000 today and I pity. It could have served them for a month or helped them start a new business.

In the above incident, I didn’t see Poverty or illiteracy among those beggars. I saw the the materialistic selfishness. Well, we all human beings are a bunch of begging, ever hungry and selfish animals in one way or the other. Some for money, pride, job, men, women, lust, happiness etc, some for peace of mind, kindness, perfection, friendship, food, knowledge, enlightenment and love. Probably that’s among God’s or nature’s ways of balancing all equations in the earth, which needs to happen!

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