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Anything online is just a blessing in disguise for us. There is so so much of information out there on the internet that can help people make good decisions. Blogs, news, editorials, reviews and what not! Added to that is the modern phones with variety of applications that use internet. Today, we can see a consolidated/comparison list of petrol prices at different pump stations near my home and it updates dynamically. I can see flight updates, shopping recommendations and the list goes on.

Online forums where people discuss on some topic is always the best. Yesterday, I was trying to trouble shoot an issue with my mother’s cell phone. She wanted to load songs to her phone. We provided out of the mind instructions to connect her phone to the PC. But seemed like the phone required more setting modifications. Without even looking at her phone, I was able to guide her change the settings like a call center person. Excellent..An online forum helped me.

There are plenty of forums out there where people provide valuable information on various topics, be it any topic. Any one close to me would know how passionate I am about certain things that many claim unwanted.. Like knowing about road routes, world cities, airports, air traffic, railway stations/junctions, trains, bus routes, big corporates and their headquarters/origin and type of general knowledge.. I would take the bike and roam around Chennai and find out the shortest routes to connect different places that I travel often. Nowadays, I often use google earth to locate various cities and understand the way they are connected to each other. Even after numerous train travels, I get curious when I see an Engine on the track and look for various numbers written on it. When I enter an aircraft I always try to peek into the cockpit to see the controls that are in there. When connecting flights, I don’t go and sit at a gate in the airport. I keep walking around the terminals and see whats there in the airport. I keep telling myself about what could be done to improve few things out there.

So talking about forums, there is a lot that I have learned from reading such forums. I easily spend 3-5 hours reading posts in forums. I go to the end of the post. I work in IT field and by now you would have probably figured out why I love google and forums! I can even spend few hours seeing people’s comment of youtube videos, how to do it yourselves ideas, simple tricks etc. one night I spent 5 hours reading about Indian railway network. I prefer forums where identity are unknown than FB.. Can’t spend more than 5 mins in FB and it kind of distracts us to focus on individuals instead of the topic itself. Many posts in social networking sites are legally or morally or ethically offensive. One way or the other.. And there is always a pride, show offs, comparison, regionalism, religionalism, racism and etc… But human race itself is like that. I get reminded of the Joker dialogue that my friend recently re-iterated – “Madness, you see is like gravity.. All it needs is a push”..We have to decide for ourselves.

Then, there is every possibility of getting lost when we look through forums. It can distract us and specially some forums have tons of ads popping up. We just have to take the good ones and ignore the bad ones. Also, watch out for any virus threats.

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