Delhi Rape, politics, police etc…

If post Connecticut shooting, people want governments to revisit the Gun Laws, then post Delhi rape(s), people should expect government to re-visit alcohol laws. Alcohol influence, may not be the only contribution to this or any rape but is surely one among the important factors. Going back to the Joker dialogue – “Madness is like Gravity.. All it takes is a little Pushhh!!”.

First, it’s very difficult to curb rape. Man is an extreme form of animal with a bunch of subjective desires to fullfill before he passes away. This animal has some good faces and some bad faces. Faces are also very subjective. A Media/press reporter/film maker, politician who shows a good face by writing/tweeting that “rape is outrageous and police were sleeping, disrespect to women” kind of nonsenses also show their evil face by watching porn the same night, or consuming alcohol in a star restaurant or dressing up semi-nude in the name of fashion. People often wrongly perceive that rape happens because of disrespect to women or treating woman is some objects. If that was the case, there would be more rapes than what we see today. The stats for porn and type of porn that people watch shows the amount of respect they would have on a woman. Indians are no exception to this.

Every section of the society has a comment as if everything was normal until yesterday and became abnormal just today. The problem with crime like Rape is, one may not be charged until the crime is done or was even attempted.  Let’s say- I am going on vacation with my whole family locking my home. I cannot expect the police to detain every single person in my town as a pre-emptive measure and seal the borders of the city to make my home safe untill I come back. I have to take precautionary measures myself before leaving the town. I have some options – transfer all high value stuff to a bank locker, install alarms, hire a watchman, inform the local police station to just keep an eye while patrolling, let neighbors know. However, taking precautionary measures wouldn’t stop from a crime being committed. My house may still be robbed. My house may be robbed even when I am in my home.

The way women rights, politicians and every high profile, low profile person react after a rape is the worst part of everything. If the administration wants all bars and dance clubs to close at 12 midnight, media asks where is the freedom, are we democratic. If woman are advised not to travel alone in the night, people reject it telling that this shows the casual approach of the police/administration or is hurting in the fundamental right of a woman. The way media accusses every tom, dick and harry is totally absurd.

Reasons like personal enemity/psycological attack/love failure/cheating, grew up in a bad environment etc.. may be what opens up the evil face of a man but what it takes to ultimately commit a rape – #1. Ideal Location/Time and proximity #2. Adequate Manpower or a team #3. influence of alcohol/drugs added to the evil and friends who provocate  #4. lack of belief in law, god or dharma. Growing up factors like rich/poor, decent/indecent, vulgar/non-vulgar environment may not always have to end up in raping but may form as a base. However, as previously mentioned – A crime cannot be a crime until committed or attempted. Many people go through bad environments, horrific stories, abuses as they grow up. Home may not be the only place. Schools, college, relatives, bus, train, plane…I have my own example.

In India, it is difficult to appoint one policeman to one citizen. All that the administration can do is reduce the probability of such incident to happen. Media and public should stress on these facts. Increase Security cameras in buses, public areas, alarms, shut down bars after 10:00pm, take some precautionary measures. I guarantee you that most of the security cameras installed are surrounded by spider webs and lacks maintenance and is doesn’t even work. The government needs to tighten up the laws related to rape, abuse, introduce special courts to deal rape cases and finally a dedicated crime branch cell to investigate and prosecute rape cases once committed.

Early reports mentioned Alcohol influence – Media/women rights, students, netizens can push the administration (through courts as they are the only left over body to hear citizen grievances) to enforce at least one or two dry days in a week instead to talking nonsenses and protesting in front of parliament or race course road. Cheap/under quality/illicit liquor available in the poor sections of society is also a menace.  But no one will attempt to do this.. Why? Most media, film personality, netizen who talks, tweets and protests endlessly do obviously drink and wouldn’t want to bring their favorite brand in stake. It’s ok but atleast the bars can be closed for one day a week.

A complete prohibition is not a solution (and impossible in India) because, it will bring in illegal and uncontrollable trading in large scale. 5 star restaurants/bars carry more risk than TASMAC kind of shops because, even women drink these days along with men.

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